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The #1 Applicant Tracking System using AI

The most complete and easy-to-use tool

Create requisitions, customize and automate recruitment steps, share job vacancies across multiple channels, apply pre-employment tests, apply the  Cultural Fit test and find out your candidate’s behavioral trends, analyze video interviews, share finalists with managers, analyze reports and do digital Onboarding.


Business Intelligence

What use platforms have without indicators? That’s why JobConvo is the only HRTech where you can get realtime reports via a complete Business Intelligence. Isn’t it great? All information available dynamically with reliability.

Cultural Fit Analysis 

JobConvo’s Cultural Fit module evaluates values distributed in 7 fundamental factors for the Organisational Culture Profile and, with the use of intelligent algorithm, makes the ranking of profiles more adherent to the company. You can apply to both employees and candidates.

Customisable Job Knowledge Tests 

Easily apply job knowledge tests and perform candidates triage in a few clicks. JobConvo provides several ready-to-use tests and also allows the recruiter to create their own tests with customizable cut-off grades and response times.

Awesome Career Pages

During the recruitment process, the image of the employer it’s the key. That’s why JobConvo facilitates Employer Branding by allowing the recruiter to customize the talent attraction page in just a few clicks.


Structured Video Interviews

Create a structured interview script for candidates and employees to respond on video. The entire process is stored safely and the recruiter can compare and share the best with others involved in the recruitment process.

Digital Onboarding

Do the entire paperwork process for candidates digitally. Create onboarding templates for any positions, trainees to directors. Include documents for candidates to print, sign and send everything through the platform.

JobConvo has been making DHL’s recruitment a lot easier, providing speed and optimizing the processes.
In addition to the extensive database that we have achieved through the dissemination of this system, we have been able to acquire greater control and organization of candidates.
The part of recorded interviews and tests also help us in screening candidates, bringing real solutions to the lack of daily time. Excellent investment!

Betina Barra

HR Sr. Analyst, DHL Global Forwarding

With JobConvo we can reduce our Recruitment and Selection time. The tool facilitates our work and streamlines our time.
It is a dynamic, flexible and functional tool.
With it we can ask assertive questions to the candidates and improve our results in the selective processes of the company!



Patricia Spadano

HR Coordinator, MRV Engineering

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Frequently Asked Questions about JobConvo

Can I customize the recruitment processes within the JobConvo platform?

Yes! JobConvo’s system divides the recruitment processes into steps, so it can be adaptable to your needs. Every recruitment process can be created differently, but it is possible to create templates to maintain a pattern. 

Of course that the Human reources team is the responsible for the creation and customization of the recruitment processes. The advantage of this customization is the optimization of the recruiter’s time, since he is able to create templates, and the possibility of using different formats, such as tests, recorded interviews, video conferences, in each selection.

Can I do online video interviews via JobConvo?

Yes! Within the platform itself it is possible to do video conferencing without the need to use another system. The recruiter can conduct an interview with one or more candidates through JobConvo. Just schedule in the calendar inside the platform and send the link to the candidate(s). This facilitates the recruitment process and, with the video conference, the recruiter can interview one candidate or more at the same time without leaving the site.

Is it possible to automate feedback for candidates who have not been approved?

Yes! Our platform has a complete messaging system for candidates in all stages of the selection process. Simply select the candidates that have not been approved and, automatically, our system will send the default message selected by you.
This way, we ensure that your company is always transparent with all candidates who participate in the process and does not require the recruiter to send an email with negative feedback to each one that was part of the process..

Does JobConvo generates recruiting indicator reports?

Yes! From our panel you can view all the indicators of the recruiting processes, by job position or  for the desired period of time. These reports help HR professionals monitor job progress and understand where the majority of their applications come from.
You can also export the data to an excel spreadsheet. You can then send the reports to others within your company for analysis and strategic action on the recruiting and selection process.