Latest update: December 08, 2021.


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When you use JOBCONVO, we commit to maintaining the security of your information and personal data, under Brazilian legal requirements, mainly “12.265/14 do Marco Civil da Internet” Law and “13.709/18 (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados)” Law.
This Privacy Policy explains how your information and data will be collected, used, shared, and stored by the applications of VIA6 S/A (hereinafter “JOBCONVO”), a legal entity governed by private law, registered with the CNPJ/MF under nº 07.158.049/ 0001-16, headquartered at Avenida Contorno nº 5417, 9th andar, Bairro Cruzeiro, CEP nº 30.110-925, Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, on its website
This Policy will be accepted when you access our application. This indicates that you agree with the way we manage and use your data and information. This document should be read in conjunction with our Terms of Use:


Personal data: information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.
Sensitive personal data: personal data on racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, membership of a trade union or organization of a religious, philosophical, or political nature, data relating to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to a natural person.
Holder: natural person to whom the personal data that are the object of processing refer.
Users (or user, when individually considered): all natural persons who use the services, whether data subjects or not.
Third-party: person or entity that does not directly participate in a contract, legal act, or business, or that, in addition to the parties involved, may have an interest in a legal process.
Controller: natural or legal person, by public or private law, responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data.
Operator: natural or legal person, by public or private law, who processes personal data on behalf of the controller.
Person in charge: a person appointed by the controller and operator to act as a communication channel between the controller, the data subjects, and the National Data Protection Authority.
Processing agents: the controller and the operator.
National Data Protection Authority: public administration body responsible for ensuring, implementing, and monitoring compliance with this Law throughout the national territory.
Processing: any operation carried out with personal data, such as collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, information assessment or control, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction.
Data shared use: communication, dissemination, international transfer, personal data interconnection or personal database shared process by public bodies and entities in the fulfillment of their legal powers, or between these and private entities, reciprocally, with specific authorization, to one or more treatment modalities allowed by these public entities, or private entities.
Database: a structured set of personal data, established in one or several locations, in electronic or physical support.
Cookies: files stored on users’ computers or mobile devices when accessing a web page that cache and retrieve information related to their browsing.
Confidentiality: guarantee that information is accessible only by authorized persons. Integrity: guarantee of the accuracy and completeness of the information and the methods of its processing.
Data security: a set of practices and methods aimed at preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.
Anonymization: use of reasonable technical means available at the time of processing, through which data loses the possibility of association, directly or indirectly, with an individual.
Anonymized data: data relating to a subject that cannot be identified, considering the use of reasonable technical means available at the time of its treatment.
Personal data violation: breach of security that causes, accidentally or illicitly, the destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, or unauthorized access to personal data transmitted, preserved or subject to any other type of processing.



This Privacy Policy is intended to:

To representatives of companies or legal entities interested in contracting packages made available by JOBCONVO (hereinafter “Companies”);

To individuals interested in applying for jobs on the JOBCONVO Platform (hereinafter “Candidate”, collectively, “Users”).



JOBCONVO collects data that we consider essential for the functioning of our various services and to improve the user experience.
In addition, when processing your data JOBCONVO respects all the principles established in LGPD (Brazilian equivalent to GDPR), especially the principle of necessity, which establishes that data processing must be limited to the minimum necessary to carry out its purposes, in a proportionate manner.

In general, your data is collected when you request a demo on any of our systems or forms:
Full name, Social Security Number or similar, name, registration number and branch of the company you represent, address, e-mail, telephone numbers, position, level of the position, and area of activity of the position.

In the case of a candidate for a vacancy, we collect in our systems or forms (Job Board, App Pesquisa Vagas, App Vagas Tech):
Full name, social status, gender, Social Security number or similar, academic background, residential address, academic background, e-mail, telephone numbers, disability. In addition, throughout the recruitment and selection processes, Candidates must provide their resume, as well as participate in Virtual Interviews, in which their image and voice may be collected and recorded for later use by the Company.
Access log: IP address with date and time mandatory collection according to Law 12.965/2014

We also collect data through cookies (essential and Google Analytics), which are small text files sent by the website to the user’s computer and stored there. Thus, data about the device used by the user, as well as the location and time of access to the website, may eventually be stored. We use cookies to check browser and device settings to improve the user experience. You can choose how to manage them while browsing our website, as all the rules provided for in this Privacy Policy are also applicable to this information, which is also considered personal data.



Personal Data is processed by the following legal bases (the “Legal Basis”):
4.1 Consent – we use consent to legitimize the processing of Personal Data in processes that the data subject can choose to carry out or not – for example, for demonstration and application for job vacancies.
In the case of collecting health data (disability), dealing with sensitive personal data provided for in art. 5, II, JOBCONVO carries out the treatment exclusively for the purpose of seeking job vacancies with an inclusive purpose, respecting all the principles of art. 6 of the current legislation.
4.2 Contract execution – we use the legal basis of contract execution for the processes related to the provision of services (recruitment and selection).
4.3 Legitimate interest – we use legitimate interest to support services that are of interest to our customers, as well as for JOBCONVO promotion activities.
4.4 Regular execution of rights – we use the regular execution of rights in judicial, administrative, or arbitration legal actions – for example, in judicial or administrative defenses in legal actions to which we are a party.



Below are all the rights you have regarding data protection and the Brazilian General Data Protection Law – LGPD:
5.1. Acess right. This right allows you to request and access a copy of your personal data used by JOBCONVO.
5.2. Rectification right. This right allows you to request the correction and/or rectification of your personal information if needed.
5.3. Exclusion right. This right allows you to ask us to delete your personal data. All data collected will be deleted as requested or when they are no longer necessary or relevant for us to offer you our services unless there is any other reason for their maintenance, such as a possible legal obligation to retain data or the need to preserve them to protect application rights.
5.4. Right to object to processing. You also have the right to object where and in what context we are processing your personal data for different purposes.
5.5. Right to request anonymization, blocking, or deletion. This right allows you to ask us to suspend the processing of your personal data in the following scenarios: (a) if you want us to establish the accuracy of the data; (b) when you need the data to be kept even if we no longer need it, as necessary, to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims; (c) if you have objected to the use of your data, but in this case, we need to verify that we have legitimate reasons to use it.
5.6. Portability right. We will provide you, or a third party you choose, with your personal data in a structured and interoperable format where it can be shared without prejudice to the application’s business rights.
5.7. Right to withdraw consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. However, this will not affect the legality of any processing carried out previously. If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide certain services.
5.8. Right to review automated decisions. You also have the right to request the review of decisions made solely based on automated processing of your personal data that affect your interests, including decisions aimed at defining personal, professional, consumer, and credit profiles and/or aspects of your personality.
To validate the rights of personal data holders, it will be necessary to request specific information from you to help us confirm your identity and guarantee your right and security of personal data. In these cases, we request direct contact with the data controller, via the following email: [email protected]
JOBCONVO will respond to all legitimate requests within 15 (fifteen) business days according to the deadlines indicated by the Brazilian General Data Protection Law – LGPD.



Information will be shared securely, to preserve your privacy.
In order to preserve your privacy, JOBCONVO will not share your personal data with any unauthorized third party.

Your data may be shared with our business partners: STRIPE SOLUÇÕES DE PAGAMENTO LTDA., registered under CNPJ 22.121.209/0001-46.

They receive your data only to the extent necessary for the provision of the contracted services, such as, for example, in the event of payment via credit card, with the business partner having access only to what is strictly necessary to process the payment, and our contracts are guided by the rules of data protection in the Brazilian legal system.

However, our partners have their own Privacy Policy, which may differ from this one. We recommend reading these documents, which you can access here:

In addition, there are also other scenarios in which your data may be shared, which are:

I – Legal determination, request, requisition, or court order, with competent judicial, administrative, or governmental authorities.
II – In case of corporate transactions, such as merger, acquisition, and incorporation, automatically;
III – Protection of JOBCONVO’s rights in any type of conflict, including those of judicial nature.



Some of the third parties with whom we share your data may be located or have facilities located in foreign countries. Under these conditions, in any case, your personal data will be subject to the “Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados” (General Data Protection Law) and other Brazilian data protection legislation.

In this case, JOBCONVO uses Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services to store information and view it in Brazil. In this sense, JOBCONVO is committed to always adopting efficient standards of cyber security and data protection, in the best effort to guarantee and comply with legal requirements.

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you agree to this sharing, which will take place according to the purposes described in this instrument.



JOBCONVO’s personal data will be kept for 24 months (twenty-four months) for as long as JOBCONVO’s contractual relationship with the data subject or with the customer lasts, and may be renewed with the express consent of the data subjects for equal and consecutive periods.
Once the purpose of processing Personal Data has been fulfilled, the information will be discarded or anonymized, following company policies related to the secure disposal of data.
JOBCONVO is committed to applying good security practices in line with the required technical and regulatory standards. Thus, we seek to protect your data from possible vulnerabilities.
However, no system is completely tamper-proof. Therefore, we strive to implement policies and measures to preserve your data against unauthorized access, use, alteration, disclosure, or destruction, which include physical and logical protection of assets, periodic backups, encrypted communications, event records, traceability and safeguarding logs, managing accesses, liability clauses in contracts signed with companies that act as data operators, and network security solutions, such as firewalls and load balancers.
JOBCONVO disclaims liability for the sole fault of a third party, as in the case of external attacks, or for the sole fault of the user, as in the case where their transfers their data to a third party. JOBCONVO also undertakes to notify the user within a proper timeframe in the event of any breach of security of their personal data that may pose a high risk to their rights and freedom.



JOBCONVO reserves the right to change this Policy whenever necessary to ensure the security of the personal data collected and processed.
Our Policy will always indicate the date of update or current version.
If relevant changes are made to a new privacy policy, we will inform you for your knowledge and consent.



JOBCONVO, in compliance with article 41 of the General Data Protection Law, indicates Ronaldo Bahia, as the person in charge of data processing, and contact is possible through the following email: [email protected].



The Privacy Policy is managed and interpreted according to the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil. The “Foro da Comarca de Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil” is elected as the competent to resolve any issues arising from this document, with express waiver of any other, however privileged it may be.
Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy, you have the right to file a complaint with “Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados – ANPD” (Nacional Data Protection Authority), based on “art. 18, parágrafo único, da Lei nº 13.709, de 2018” Law – Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD).