Video Interview

Pre-Recorded Video Interview


Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

One of the most time-consuming part of a recruitment process is the time spent in candidate interview. Statistically, 70% of the professionals interviewed are candidates that recruiters consider not having the desired profile.

Get in touch with the best candidates ever

With JobConvo, the recruiter can create interview scripts with up to 10 questions to send to candidates. Within a set deadline to respond, candidates answer the question through video, via computer or mobile app. In most interviews, in less than 3 minutes the recruiter can evaluate whether the candidate has the desired profile or not.

Compare interviews and share

As all the candidates answer the same questions, comparing interviews is incredibly simple. Share with the responsible manager the best interviewees. And wait for the feedback from the manager to continue the process. Thus, only the best candidates are invited to face-to-face interviews.

Live Conferences


Interview Candidates in Real-Time

Facilitating the recruiting process is crucial. With the live video conference module, the recruiter can interview one candidate or more at the same time without leaving the place.

Record your live video interviews

The great difference of this module is that is possible to enable the recruiter to record the live interview with candidates and share with others involved in the process.