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Simplified Management


Recruiting and Hiring Management with Artificial Intelligence

Using the JobConvo platform, the recruiter maintains his focused on the recruiting process and does not have to analyze candidates outside the required profile. If the Talent Recruiting  area in your company still manages job vacancies and candidates using spreadsheets in Excel or not-so-intelligent systems, it’s time to get to know the JobConvo recruiting and hiring process management system

Keep your focus on the best candidates

You’ll have the ability to extract information and crossing data between companies, vacancies and CV’s received. The  rankings intelligence technology ensures that candidates with the highest potential  will always be prominent in the selection process.

Reduce time and costs

Optimize your time during the recruiting and selection processes by sharing the job vacancies in several channels with a simple click. Get plenty of candidates and know the most appropriate sources of attraction. Apply technical tests, MBTI, Cultural Fit, schedule face-to-face interviews or live online. You can also request recorded video interviews all in one place.

Job Requisition


Automated Job Requisition Processes

Is your Job Requisition Process still through paper or corridor conversations? With the automated JobConvo Job Requisition process, you can set up approval flows and edit the resonsible approvers at any time.

Find out who hasn’t approved yet

It is very simple to see whose approval is pending in the requisition approval flow. The system shows the deadline for each person to approve, the date that the request message and the corresponding service level were sent.

Have everything documented

Save time by having all the information you need to start a recruiting process in one place. And if any requirements change, just attach the altered data to a file along with the process. And the requesting manager follows the whole process from the requisition to the hiring.

Job Sharing

Easy way of Attracting Candidates

A job vacancy shared in the right way to the right channel is the fastest way of finding  the best professionals. With JobConvo, the recruiter shares the job vancany on different channels without any effort.

Choose the best channels to share

In addition to the many official channels where you are used to share your job vacancys, your company will be able to share through different channels that makes sense as: Blogs, Universities and sites. You can also set up channel groups by region, city or subject, making it easier to advertise to the right people.

Customized Career Page

In addition to multiple channels, at JobConvo, the recruiter has two career page links to assist in attracting talent. A career page for external candidates and an exclusive career page for internal candidates.

Candidate Recommendation

Candidate Recommendation

Take advantage of the power of your employees’ network for the candidate application process to become simple and reliable.

Validated Recommendation

Usually, when a candidate mentions that he or she has been recommendated by an employee of the company he is applying for, tracing back the recommendation can be difficult to manage. With JobConvo, the information is recorded clearly for the recruiter. The employee who recommends a potential candidate receives a message confirming if the candidate’s recommendation was real.


Reports & Analytics

Use reports and analytics to refine your recruiting process. Track the source from where your most qualified candidates usually come from.

Service Level

Follow the progress of your open and closed positions. Analyze aggregated data to evaluate your hiring speed over time and analyze activity reports to help your team improve.

Reports per job vacancy or per period

Reports and analysis become more transparent when indicators are available for independent access if it is per-job vacancy or general per-period.

Export everything to Excel

In JobConvo, the data of the client’s recruiting and hiring processes is exclusively theirs. This way you can download all the information in spreadsheets so that the recruiter can make more appropriate analysis.