Pre-Employment Tests

Job Knowledge Tests


Job Knowledge Tests

Selecting candidates is an arduous task most of the time. But for those who use JobConvo, the screening of candidates becomes very simple.

Ready-to-use tests

For those who need to optimize time, our test base is ideal. JobConvo already offers tests of logical reasoning, excel in different level, multiple languages, among others.

Create Your Own Tests

If the recruiter needs to include specific tests, whether they are multiple-choice questions, true or false, free text or files, our platform allows you to create tests with a few steps.

Cultural Fit


Cultural Fit between Company and People

Identifying the Organizational Culture Profile is a key factor in the conduct of recruitment processes. Apply our solution as many candidates and collaborators.

Organizational Culture Profile

JobConvo’s Cultural Fit test helps recruiters understand which factors and values best match the company’s image with their employees.

Candidate Fit

After completing the Organizational Culture Profile, the company applies the Cultural Fit to candidates and collaborators. The system matches between the most significant factors and those with less adherence to the profile

Personality Test


Personality Test

In order to identify the candidate’s behaviour styles, the personality test helps the recruiters in the decision making.

Types of Profiles

There are 16 types of profiles where JobConvo can identify personality traits, careers, strengths and weaknesses.

Why apply this kind of test?

They are used to help the recruiters understand the candidate’s work style and preferences. It will allow the future manager understand how the get along and find ways to keep motivating their employees.