Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding


Digital Onboarding

The process of employee admission is one of the most time consuming stages in a recruitment processes. With JobConvo, this process is done digitally and all the new-hire documents are available in the same place.

Customized Tasks

Create admissions tasks for different types of hiring. No matter the position or region of the contractor. Tasks can be allocated to different admission processes.

Admission Templates

Create as many templates as you need and include tasks for each admission process. The new-hire can access the company’s onboarding portal and will receive notifications and the deadline of the documents that need to be send.

Digital Offer Letter


Online Offer Letter with E-Signature

With a digital template of offer letters with e-signatures, everything gets much easier when hiring the right people.

Creat Multiple Templates

Create multiple offeer letters templates to people hired for different positions. When accessing the company’s onboarding panel, the new-hire is required to mark the offer letter received “I agree” or “I do not agree”. This makes the onboarding management much easier.

Information Security

JobConvo uses a number of technologies that ensure that it was the selected new-hire who digitally signed the document online. So the company does not have to worry about legal risks.

Management of Temporary Employees


Management of Temporary Employees

In the JobConvo OnBoarding process, managing temporary employees is very simple

About-to-End Contracts Notifications

HR receives notifications on expiring contracts to know when to make decisions on temporary employees.