Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date HR technology, bringing improvements to organizational climate and people management through task automation.

We strongly believe that, by optimizing the hiring process, we can help businesses to succeed by saving resources and improving talent acquisition and retention.

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More than 2 million candidates applications in the last 12 months

JobConvo’s Story.

Our CEO and founder, Ronaldo Bahia, after graduating in Business Management and working in the PepsiCo Brazil Supply Chain team for 10 years, decides to leave PepsiCo and realizes how frustrating the hiring process can be as a candidate: an overwhelming amount of application forms to fill and unproductive interviews.

“For each job interview, I would spend up to 2 hours to get to the company’s location and up to 50 bucks because I lived in the countryside. If that is the reality for someone that is searching for outplacement, how can someone unemployed be able to show up for an interview?”

Inspired by this problem, JobConvo was founded, with the purpose of contributing for the journey of people and companies to happen in a more productive and pleasurable way.


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Approved by innovative companies from all sectors on the search for the best candidates.


We were searching for a Recruiting and Hiring Software for BS2 Bank and Adiq. We analyzed several platforms but decided on JobConvo for being the only one that delivers an end-to-end candidates experience. With JobConvo, we can advertise job openings, interview, onboard, and have a lean experience. Besides, Artificial Intelligence helps by reading resumes and matching candidates with vacancies.

We are very pleased with the software’s experience and the customer success team is amazing!

Aline D'Ângelo

Talent Acquisition Coordinator, BS2 Bank

With JobConvo, we were able to reduce our time to hire.

This tool helps our day-to-day work and saves time.

It is a very dynamic, flexible, and functional tool.

With JobConvo, we can improve the company’s hiring process results by asking candidates the right questions.

Patricia Spadano

HR Coordinator, MRV Engineering

Working with JobConvo enabled significant changes in our deliveries. We were able to change our strategy by being closer to our clients and becoming more effective business partners.

Thanks to the flexible implementation, we have all of the processes automated, from candidates’ applications to digital onboarding.

Ariane Quirino

Senior HR Analyst, Simpress

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We are constantly checking candidates’ feedback to improve users’ experience.

Ou current candidates’ NPS Score is 67%!